Our nationally accredited mediators are specialists in workplace conflict resolution who will assist you to resolve disputes, tension or conflict and restore effective and productive working relationships


Workplace conflict is one of the greatest causes of employee stress and a major cause of staff turnover. The way in which your organisation handles conflict between employees, management or business partners can have a huge impact on your profits, productivity and employee morale.

Conflict exists in every organisation, and to a certain extent it can indicate a healthy exchange of ideas, passion and creativity. However, negative, counter-productive conflict can result in:

  • employee dissatisfaction
  • disengagement
  • reduced productivity
  • poor client service
  • absenteeism
  • employee turnover, and
  • (in the most serious cases) litigation based on claims of bullying, harassment or a hostile working environment.

An organisation that requires mediation may be experiencing:

  • conflict between two or more employees
  • conflict involving teams or work groups
  • conflict between management and employee/s.

Our highly skilled and experienced workplace mediators can assist your organisation to swiftly resolve conflict before it escalates. Our impartial, confidential and private process allows all participants to feel heard, collectively develop an agreement that will enable them to work together effectively in the future, and rebuild damaged working relationships.

Kingston Darcy mediators have extensive experience in assisting organisations resolve conflict management issues including:

  • interpersonal conflict
  • working and communication style differences
  • leadership style differences
  • management of grievances
  • employment terms and conditions
  • employment termination conditions
  • changing work practices
  • role clarity issues, and
  • interpersonal relationships following a workplace investigation.

our process

Mediation is a commonly used method of resolving workplace conflict. The process involves a confidential discussion about an issue or dispute in a non-threatening environment, facilitated by a neutral, objective third party mediator.

Our specialist workplace mediators facilitate discussions by encouraging the participants to openly discuss their grievances, while remaining focused on resolving the underlying issues, and achieving positive ongoing working relationships.

Kingston Darcy’s mediation process can be adapted and customised to meet your organisation’s unique needs, and:

  • ensures all participants are able to clearly express their views, needs and wishes and know that they have been heard
  • helps the participants involved understand the causes of their conflict, and
  • encourages participants to work collaboratively to resolve the conflict.

Our mediation process serves as a role model of problem solving behaviour and is often the beginning of new and effective working relationships.


Prior to mediation, we assess each party’s readiness and willingness to enter into mediation. We clearly explain the process that we will follow, the ethics involved, and our expectations regarding confidentiality. The pre-mediation briefing generally provides the participants with greater confidence in the process, which in turn increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

With the support of a Kingston Darcy mediator, a structured workplace mediation process will assist the participants to:

  • identify and articulate their key issues
  • discuss their concerns with each other through open and controlled communication (see our FAQs)
  • seek an understanding of the other party’s point of view
  • clarify and explore interests, issues or underlying needs
  • generate and evaluate options on how the issue or dispute may be resolved
  • reach an agreement on how the conflict can be resolved, or decide on agreed conduct moving forwards, and
  • Document a Memorandum of Understanding that summarises any agreements reached during mediation, which is then signed by all parties.